2019 UCLA Celebration of Iranian Cinema Sold Out

The Farhang Foundation and the UCLA Film & Television Archive hosted the 2019 UCLA Celebration of Iranian Cinema at the Hammer Museum, during which Tehran: City of Love by Ali Jaberansari premiered for a sold-out show. The festival featured 17 feature and short...

Interview: Jessica Todd

The dark night of the soul must have been an obvious title for you once you started putting the show together. When I was researching titles, I wanted a title that not only spoke about the subject of transformation, but also to have a magickal reference as well. I...

Farhang Foundation Freedom Sculpture

Originally published on Disinfo.com July 4th, 2017   On July 4th, 1776 the Second Continental Congress that represented the thirteen American colonies declared its independence from British rule. Colonial America was comprised of French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian,...

Modern Myth: An Interview with Rithika Merchant

Mythology is a vehicle to transfer archetypal principles that explain the origins of life in a contemporary context. Granted certain myths have survived thousands of years even though their imagery does not apply to modern fashion, thought, and speech. And though one...


In the 19th century there was a debate as to whether photography should fall under the category of science or art. New technology always attracts both scientists and artists. And while scientists took visual records of celestial bodies and specimens, artists began...


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