Jessica Todd’s formal studies in fine art began at Metro Arts High School in Phoenix, Arizona, a school designed for young artists to develop a focused area in fine art while also receiving a general education. During her four-year attendance, she studied photography, sculpture, and ceramics. After graduating, she pursued fashion design at International Academy of Design and Technology, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Her education led fluidly into a career in the commercial fashion industry, where she worked as an executive/production assistant at Couture, the Clothing Co., Los Angeles, as a Halloween costume designer for Palamon International in Hangzhou, China, and most recently, as a Lingerie Design Coordinator for Bennett and Company in Massachusetts. But as her career advanced, she became disenchanted by the lack of imagination and creativity in commercial fashion. She views fashion much like how she views art; it is transformative, communicative and self-expressive in its purest form. Since the commercial industry was not meeting her creative outlet, she decided to combine her professional experience with her talents in drawing and sculpture to forge a new career path.



Dark Night of the Soul

April 5 – May 4, 2019

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