Throughout history fine art has been experienced within designated spaces, whether it be public, private, sacred, secular, the artist’s studio, salons, galleries, or museums. Today, the internet facilitates a virtual space to exhibit art.

We are living in a digital age. Online companies are redefining how we shop, conduct commerce, listen to music, and watch television and movies. The art industry is no exception, and every day art institutions are developing the means to be accommodated by online technology.

The Vaunt Collection is a virtual platform for showcasing contemporary art.

Our mission is to:

  • Connect people worldwide to contemporary art
  • Advance artists portfolios through curation and promotion
  • Provide collectors with resources to facilitate informed decisions for their investments

Christopher Ian Lutz is the founder of The Vaunt Collection. He was introduced to the art industry through writing when he began reviewing artists and events for a personal blog in 2012, which led to contributing articles, gallery catalog essays, and interviews to professional online and print publications. This further led to opportunities to directly work with artists on their projects.

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